About Deepmala


About Us

Dezinefy is a B2B platform that connects freelancers who are experts in 3D visualization in the interior industry, with design studios and independent designers. Freelancers across the country are tested, trained, and onboarded to meet stringent quality standards to ensure that the very best service is given to the customers/ designers.

We stand out on two fronts, blazing-fast renders (24 hours) plus a hassle-free, no contact, and automated process to do the same. What’s more, these services are available at unbelievably competitive prices. This is possible due to reduced overheads and the vast scale at which we operate across the country.

We have also started taking B2C orders , Contact us for getting your home visualize in 3D if you are home Owner


About Deepmala

She is IIM Kozhikode alum, Deepmala has over a decade’s experience in the interior designing space and is aware of the challenges freelance designers and entrepreneurs in the field face regularly. 

In her previous stint as a strategy manager at Livspace, the home interior and renovation platform, she has dealt with over 500 designers in the field execution and operation sector.

Founded in June 2020, Deepmala says, “Dezinefy offers a niche service of 3D visualisation because that is the need of the hour, and designers do not have access to this at an economical rate. This is mandatory for designers to go ahead with closing a deal, and there is no support system for that.”

besides monetising the platform, Deepmala shares a unique goal of empowering women entrepreneurs in the field. She has observed that while most designers are women, the industry is male-dominated as it goes beyond design, execution, project management, among other things. 

She says, "Women struggle to rise above designing to other leadership roles. My motive is to support women designers - of course, they are great designers, but they can also do great business if they have the right support.”

Our Mission Statement

Through Dezinefy, all designers can scale from doing 2 -10 projects month on month.

Freelancers who are experts in the visualization of interiors can at other hand earn remotely working from anywhere by extending their 3D service to these designers.


We are a platform of  Designers, by Designers, for Designers!


Dezinefy is here to convert your ideas into 3D

Spend time with your clients while we take care of all your 3D designs. Just submit your client scope, and our freelancers shall get it visualized in 24 hours. If you are a home owner get your ideas visualize with us in few simple steps.