• Deepmala Rath

Sustaining and Scaling your interior design business

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

wondering,how to thrive in contrained situations of COVID-19 suffering from a lack of orders,unpaid bills,managing employee salaries?..

Here are some solutions to all this- collaborate, adapt, innovate, and grow The process of interior designing has collaboration as its necessity and this is the reason why designers and design entrepreneurs must segment different skilled solutions by joining hands with several sectors. Marketing companies,3D designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants. Especially during challenging times when the going gets tough. Yes, you are an #interior designer and only you/your company have their ideas as to how the design should turn out. You are the one with experience in managing the whole design process. And that is why clients trust you. But!! Can you take charge of these 7 crucial steps and processes efficiently all by yourself? 1.Marketing and lead generation 2. Pre-sales (calling and qualifying) 3.Sales-pitching your ideas and quoting 4.Design-finalizing the concept and space planning and material along with the client. 5. 3D visualisation-producing 2D and 3D for your design sign off 6. Manufacturing- manufacturing every component and installing on site. 7.Handover-Photoshoot and taking customer testimonial to add to your portfolio Well, for an efficient and effective design flow from concept to handover, the designers and design studios must partner/collaborate with specialized service providers for respective segments. This way they could take care of what they are good at, not lose control of the project, and still focus on scaling and growing their business efficiently. Every step of an interior design project is a business in itself and there are professionals trained in those fields to take care of. Marketing agencies are skilled at brand building, digital marketing, and lead generation. Visualizing companies are skilled at visualizing and providing the right 3D/2D output for your design. Modular companies are skilled in providing the best price, quality, and timeline for your designed products. Professional photographers can enhance your portfolio by covering each project along with customer stories beautifully, without which the whole effort put in a project is unnoticed So reach out to them for your respective needs without taking all the weight on your shoulders.One such platform is Dezinefy-your partner for 3D visualisation in a completely automated platform. Login now to explore, www.dezinefy.com.


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